J1 vs Vissel Kobe: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“We recently played the Cup match only a few days ago, so it was tough to play another game, but I would like thank the players who never stopped running until the real end. I am happy to be able to return a favour to those many supporters who came along to the stadium for cheering us on. About the game, I believe ‘concentration’ was the key to win or not today. When we lost a goal, we weren’t concentrated. Then also Vissel Kobe couldn’t keep their concentration and lost 2 goals, and that made today’s result. ‘Concentration’ made victory or defeat. We have one more game to play before the interruption period starts, so we will keep working hard to prepare well until the last second, and hope to have a good game.”

Q: The decisive goal was scored by Kota Mizunuma who was a substitute, and also another substitute Ryuji Sawakami showed very good play too. How was your view and feeling on these players for their contribution to supporting the team?
“Both Ryuji (Sawakami) and Kota (Mizunuma) showed great performance in the previous game. And they were also doing well in the training sessions. Of course we have other good players, but we decided to send them first today. Currently, everyone in our team has full of enthusiasm, so I know whoever be sent they will do very well.”

Q: What was your intention of taking Yoichiro Kakitani out at 59th minute?
“The main reason was to change the mood. At the time I made the change, I felt like it was stagnated on the pitch, and thought if we continued like that we could lose another goal, so we needed a player who moves vigorously. That was why I made the change.”

Q: What is your view about Kazuya Yamamura who scored a goal again and also assisted a goal today?
“I think he worked very hard and done very well today. I believe he is a player who can score and assist more, and he created such scenes today. If he can improve himself even more, he’ll become an even better player. Yamamura is so dedicated to the team and working hard right now, I am very impressed.”