J1 vs Vissel Kobe: Player’s Comments

Kota Mizunuma

“I’ve been feeling just frustrated until today, so having a goal was the simplest way to turn it around, and I am very happy.”

Q: How about the moment until you received the cross?
“To be honest, I was only thinking to shoot. I was wondering if I should strike it too far or near at that moment, then thought it was too straight forward if I kicked to far, so I changed my mind and kicked to near. And it was great the ball went into the goal, and I am very happy today.”

Q: It was rather early substitution. Do you think it was because there was good communication between you and manager, like he picked you at good timing?
“It was negative mood in the team so I was kind of expecting the change might be happening. Then when I was sent to the pitch, I wasn’t thinking of scoring but wanted to lead the team to a positive mood. So I am happy that I could change the flow, and also scored.”

Kazuya Yamamura

Q: Please retrace the scene of your goal.
“The ball was dropped perfectly behind the defender, so I am happy I could execute it. I made quite a few mistakes, like pass-miss on the crucial pass and not keeping ball well in the 1st half of the game, but because of the support my team mates gave me, it made the game go well, I suppose.”

Q: Please explain your execution by cutting through behind.
“I was aiming cutting through behind together with Kenyu (Sugimoto), then (Matej) Jonic made the fantastic pass, so I am glad I could cut through to behind. There was a distance to the goal, so the goalkeeper was almost stationary, and I thought I would receive the ball. It became rather longer than I imagined, but ended up working better, I think.”

Q: How about your assist to the 2nd goal?
“I saw Kota (Mizunuma) running in, and I’m glad I could make a good ball for him.”
Q: It seems the substitutions decided fate of the game, but do you think the team was good too?
“Yes. We have different line-ups for Levain Cup and the league, and it’s great that both are producing good result as a team. This current good mood within the team is leading us to the victories, so I want to keep & continue it, and have good preparation at training to win games whoever plays.”

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