J1 vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

I am very pleased with so many goals that we scored against Hiroshima, I think it is the first time. I expected that the game would be tough in extreme heat. In fact, the game was not easy because the opening goal was scored by Hiroshima, but we came back from behind with a good mentality within the first half.

During half time, I told them that we should get more insurance in the second half. However, we conceded a goal, which harmed the team’s mood a little. Having said that, we managed to score a goal again by our pace and a good attitude.

As the game against Kashiwa proved that if the flow of game is not so good in the boiling hot conditions, everyone gets irritated. We showed such a scene, but I think today, the players did their best and never gave up until the end of the game.

I would like to pay credit to our supporters. They kept cheering for us in such a scorching heat. I really appreciate their support very much. I talked about this to my players. I think they exerted themselves in response to the fans’ enthusiastic support. Consequently, it led to the good result. I would like to show such a good performance every time, having a good preparation and making effort.

Q: After Cerezo scored the 4th goal, you made Kazuya Yamamura play in the back line. I think it was a good decision. Why did you do so? And one more to ask is, Teruyuki Moniwa has achieved 300 appearances in J1. What do you think about his performance in this season?

First, I would like to speak about Moniwa. This season is the first season with him. He is a talented player with integrity and able to lead the junior players. Needless to say, in training, his running distance is not as long as the younger players, but his influence is big. His self-management is very good, I think that he sets an example for the young players. I had thought of his achievement of 300 appearances. When should I bring him on? The timing was not so good at the last games. However, today, we had taken a lead. So, I decided to bring him on. I would like to say Moniwa, “ Congratulations for 300 appearances “ again.

For the other question, the reason I changed his position was, I thought if the game’s flow would turn to the opponent’s pace, it would become hard for us because of the hot weather. Therefore, at the earlier stage, I switched my strategy to put out a defensive side. Even after that, we had success in counter-attacking to score. I reckon that every player knows how to win.