Levain Cup vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“We are getting one step closer to the knockout stage of the Lavain Cup. Though it was extremely hot weather and very difficult game, we managed to score and defend well untill the end, and had a great result. The players endured over the tough & difficult period. Our hard schedule will still continue, but I believe they can go through. We must prepare more for the further games.”

Q: About the goal scorer Daichi Akiyama, it was a controlled and fantastic shoot, how do you rate him?
“He is the captain of the team for Lavain Cup, very responsible player. But I’m not expecting another great shoot like that from him again… (said with a smile). I presume you will be hearing from himself, but I think it was the first goal ever (in the professional regular match) for him. It really was a beautiful goal. However I don’t think I can see it again (with smile). We’ve been practicing the shooting, and it seems that the practice made the such smooth shoot when the chance came.”

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