J1 vs Jubilo Iwata: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“It was our 1st game in J1 since quite a while ago today, however so many people came to the stadium to see the match and I want to thank all those people so much. Because of the power of support they gave us, the players worked so hard till right to the end. I felt some tension among them, but they didn’t stop running until the last whistle. We aimed steadiness of defence in this game and it worked, however lacked precision in attacks, so I would like to revise on it.”

Q: How do you feel about earning the 1st point in J1 at the 1st game after the promotion?
“We had so many supporters who came to the stadium, so I wanted to get 3 points for them but ended up just 1. So I want to make this 1 point as ‘a valuable 1 point’ for future games.”

Q: Among the players, there must be some nervousness and they may of found it difficult to fit-in, as it was their 1st game in J1 after a while. Did you feel they were getting over it as the game went by?
“There is so much work which we must get on with, and we are not 100% yet, so it should be getting better as we play more games.”

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