J1 Promotion Play-offs Final vs Fagiano Okayama: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

First of all I want to say thank you to the many supporters who came to the stadium despite the rain. In the end their support enabled us play the football we wanted to – strong football in both attack and defence, with a desire to fight for the ball, and quick transitions. That is the football that Cerezo should always aim for.

You have to realise how difficult it is to go back to the place where you started and to remain there. We have to keep our feet on the ground and can only look further ahead to Asia and the world after that. That is the most important thing for all of us – not only for the team, but for the club as a whole.

In a sense we have only put ourselves on the starting line. Even so, I want to thank with all my heart the players, the staff that have supported the players from behind the scenes, and also all of you from the media – and especially the people who kept supporting us without giving up until the end.

Compared to my two promotions to J1 in the past (with FC Tokyo), this one was equally difficult. Many things occurred, but thanks to the support of all the staff at the club we were able to achieve our target in the end. Cerezo is a very strong team when things are going well, but we have now learned how to cope with difficult situations as well.

J1 Promotion Play-offs Final Fagiano Okayama J1 Promotion Play-offs Final