J1 Promotion Play-offs Semifinal vs Kyoto Sanga F.C.: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

I would like to thank the many supporters who came to the stadium and fought with us despite the bad weather. We will now play one more game determinedly with them.

We haven’t been able to win so much at home this season and have dropped several points, which led to us missing out on automatic promotion. That has been very disappointing, but we have overcome many problems such as the injury to our captain Kakitani and other issues, which have brought us to the point we are at now. We spent the past week focusing on breaking through the wall in front of us with will and all of the people who support Cerezo. We played the game with our tradition in mind and in the manner in which we had planned to. We will play at home again next week, so I would like to ask many supporters to fight with us in the stadium because I am sure that will boost the team as a whole and each individual player.

J1 Promotion Play-offs Semifinal Kyoto Sanga F.C. J1 Promotion Play-offs Semifinal