J2 vs Roasso Kumamoto: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

I think this is the essence of football. As in several of our typical games this season sometimes we had to be patient and sometimes we couldn’t play with our rhythm, but we endured those spells and our defenders concentrated well. With some players who are not regular and a few injuries we gave the opponent some space at times during the 90 minutes despite trying to press from the front, as is our nature. However, I think we pressed the player on the ball well enough and are improving in that respect compared to before.

Even with some different players in the play offs we want to analyse the opponents well and play steadily by doing the things we have accumulated, including to respect the opponents. The core principle is to have a strong will to win. As in today’s game we should play tenaciously when we are looking to score. I think a firm foundation of strong will, our tradition, the things we have accumulated, challenge, patience, and courage will be very important. We would like to take all of these things into the play offs for promotion to J1.

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