J2 vs Montedio Yamagata: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

Generally I don’t think we had enough power in the first half, so it was pleasing to score the first goal from a set piece. Overall our offensive players didn’t have enough power though, and the team sat a bit too deep. The opponents placed a focus on their many set pieces and tried to change the game, during which time they scored.

We took the risk of putting Yamamura on and changing to a back four in order to add more height and go for the three points with another player further forward, but then we conceded the second goal as a result of bit of a reckless tackle. However, the substitutes did their job well and now we need to make use of this one point heading into our last five games.

We have a congested fixture list coming up which we won’t be able to get through with just 11 players. Some players fulfilled their roles well here, including substitutes like Sawakami, and so we will play the last five games as a team. It was pity the game ended as draw in our home stadium with a lot of our supporters, but it is important to play each of the next games steadily. No one knows what will happen in football, so we will give our all in every moment of every game.

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