J2 vs Fagiano Okayama: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

First of all I want to thank our many supporters who came to Okayama to cheer us on. I think both teams performed well, but for us, after we scored the opener and had slightly the upper hand, we lost concentration a little bit and allowed them to counter-attack. It looked like we would be able to score another goal, but their goal could have been avoided if we had stayed a little calmer.

We had the momentum, but it was important to convert that into a second goal. We also needed to have slightly better risk management. We had the initiative of the play, but we lacked something in front of goal.

We wanted to get three points from each of the remaining matches, including today's. I think we showed that attitude until the end. We had to use a substitute for an accident and weren’t able to use all three changes to try and play more aggressively, but even so we wanted to keep our balance and aim for three points. In that sense I'm disappointed with the result, but I think we showed our character. With that in mind we will fight for all three points again in the next match.

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