J2 vs Tokushima Vortis: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

First of all, I want to thank the supporters who came to the stadium in large numbers despite the bad weather. The players who came off the bench and the encouragement of the supporters produced the goal and thanks to them we were able to keep defending resolutely.

However, we have no time to relax. We have to brace ourselves further and want to focus on maintaining the fight with our passionate supporters for each of the remaining nine matches.

It was my order that Sugimoto took the penalty. We have been practicing penalties every day and I thought about the success rate in training and also who is in the best condition mentally at the moment. That’s not to say that Souza couldn’t have been the man to convert it, but while Sugimoto is still not in a perfect condition physically he was demonstrating his will very well during the game and I thought it would be positive for him to take the penalty.