J2 vs Yokohama FC: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

In the second half we kept a very good distance between the players and were able to play our football, putting the opponents under pressure, but in the first half they defended very well and we couldn't send good balls into attacking areas.

We have to take risks as we did in the second half, and even if the opponents are defending in their own half with all their players we should keep a good distance between players and play with courage. We have to keep paying attention to counter attacks, but must also try to build good attacks of our own.

There are some things to consider about the squad in terms of technique, fitness and other aspects. It might be better for some players to enter the game in the latter stages rather than from the start, for instance. However, regardless of who plays, we have to be able to play football in the way I described.

We should apply more pressure to the player with the ball when the opponent has it and we should move the ball with more courage in advanced positions when we do. The holding midfielders should not receive the ball in front of the opponents' defensive block, but in slightly more advanced positions. When the opponents are so closed like that the positioning of our holding midfielders is vital, and they should play with skill and courage.