J2 vs Renofa Yamaguchi: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

Keeping the players’ fitness in mind I made some changes to the side, but things didn’t quite work out for us. When we had to go for goals Yamaguchi were able to hit us on the counter-attack, and it ended up being just the kind of game where they could showcase their strong points.

In many senses we have to forget about this game and prepare ourselves well for the next match. Over the course of a season there will be difficult moments and various things can happen, but I think now it's time for us to face each match as a solid group.

I made a substitution with the aim of improving our play, but it backfired when we conceded a goal immediately afterwards. I have to analyse that, as well as my final decisions on the players. That’s not to say that the substitutes didn't do well, they were playing with all their effort, but we have to consider how we can play best as a group.

We conceded the fourth goal on a counter-attack as we took risks to try and score, but, including that goal, I have to admit that they were superior to us in terms of their mentality and their attitude to keep running until the end. We have to be humble enough to admit that and use it as a good lesson looking ahead to the rest of this long season.