J1 Section 31

2017.10.29 (Sun) 16:00

Kincho Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Own Goal (31'), Kakitani (55')
Omiya Ardija
  • Own Goal (72')
1-0 1-1

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    We had a bad pitch caused by heavy rain, but the team displayed a fine performance with a decent judgment as to whether to make a long pass or a short pass.

    In the first half, Omiya went down to ten men, which gave us an advantage for a goal. But, disappointingly, we could not turn any chances to a goal despite having many opportunities. On the top of that, conceding a goal would be frustrating. The cause would be a lack of players’ concentration. They had focused too much on attacking, which could lead to such a result.

    Having said that, in terms of the result, I think our good mood continued. So, we will keep a good mood for the final game for the Levain Cup next week.
    We’d like to work hard for one week to have a good game with lots of fans.

Players comment

  • ■Kota Mizunuma

    Our focus for the early in the first half was on tackling rather than the entire performance because we had a bad pitch. A red card was given to Omiya, which gave us an edge. However, we missed many chances. If we could have made the most of our opportunities, the game might have been easier.” Even if we conceded a goal, patiently playing for a win is important. We have a few games to go, which causes a lack of concentration. However, the present Cerezo can win over. I’d like to see this as a bright side and want to win the up and coming games.

Match review

  • 3 consecutive League wins! Kakitani’s goal slashed Omiya. Cerezo keeps J league win in October.

    Stormy weather caused by a Typhoon affected the early part of the first half at the Kincho stadium. The damp pitch made both teams struggle to play well. Even so, Omiya made frequent counter attacks with a long ball, with Kiyotake commenting later that we coped with their attacks under such a bad condition without playing complex tactics. ”
    Cerezo worked harder, making the most of their strength, tackling the ball and threatening the opponents, with Kota Mizunuma admitting later that our focus in the first half was to make a decent tackle, given the bad pitch condition ” Meanwhile, Omiya’s Mateus was sent off on the 18th minute by his harshness against Matej Jonjic. Omiya went down to ten men, which gave Cerezo more advantage for a goal. Following this event, on the 31st minute, Cerezo turned a chance into the opening goal.

    The goal was scored up by the set piece that Cerezo is proud of this season because their fine set piece turned the result for the better at the past two Omiya games and the last game against Kofu. Soza’s corner kick at the left flew to the goal, and the Omiya defender deflected the ball, but it was sucked into the net. It led Cerezo taking the lead, with Kiyotake commenting before the game that if we score a goal from a set piece, we’ll have an advantage. This is part of our arsenal.

    In the wake of the goal, the cherry blossom soldiers accelerated their attacking. After half time, the team continued to play offensively and scored an additional goal from a set piece on the 55th minute. Yusuke Maruhashi’s left-foot-kick from a corner flew to unmarked Yoichiro Kakitani at the edge of the pitch. The Cherry blossom No 8 calmly did the rest. The goal extended their lead after three games with absence of his goal.

    “Ten men gave us more chances” Kakitani said later, However, even against ten men, a third goal which could become a winning goal, was not easily scored. Mizunuma admitted that if we could have turned every chance into a goal, it’d have been easier game”

    Shots from Kenyu Sugimoto, Soza and Kakitani were clearly saved by the Omiya goalkeeper, Nobuhiro Kato. It changed their mood to darken. On the 72nd minute, Omiya exploited Cerezo’s miss. Cerezo’s own goal enabled Omiya to shrink the goal gap. Later on, Cerezo struggled with Omiya’s counter attacks, who desperately wanted to win so as to stay in J1. On the 77th minute, Yusuke Tanaka was brought on for building on a better play, and Fukumitsu was also sent on during additional time.

    The last home game in 2017 was over with 20 shots and 2 goals, which potentially raises an issue in terms of the attacking tactics. That said, Cerezo eventually won against Omiya, with the proceeding three wins and pushed them up to 3rd place. Cerezo have coasted tremendously through their home games with 15 wins and 1 defeat this year.