J1 Section 28

2017.9.30 (Sat) 19:00

Todoroki Athletics Stadium


Kawasaki Frontale
  • Taniguchi (19'), Kobayashi (45'), Elsinho (52', 89'), Moriya (58')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Kakitani (68')
2-0 3-1

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “I am sorry, despite many supporters came over to the stadium for us today again, we made the 3rd consecutive defeat. Though we are in slump recently, and this kind of moment can be happening time to time while playing for the league matches, we must tighten up our mental attitude. I thought we prepared well for this match, however after watching what happened on the ground today, we probably didn’t prepared well enough, and I am sorry for that. To change this atmosphere swiftly is the most important point for us right now, we have another regular match coming soon, so will do the best to prepare and won’t have another game like this again.”

Players comment

  • ■ Kenyu Sugimoto

    Q: What do you think was a reason, or were reasons for today’s defeat by big score difference?
    “It was a very tough game. I wanted to win but we were inferior all over. We must accept the defeat, and move onto the next match positively.”

    Q: It seems the team is struggling with defence in recent matches?
    “I don’t think it’s only defence, but also the ways we lost ball were bad. We had chances to score too, so it wasn’t only the backs’ fault. The front and the back should link each other and work together, so we must all work together and make the change. How will we get over this situation of no win? Having one victory will change it all, I think. I won’t be able to play for the semi-finals of Levain Cup, but if we’ll be able to reach to the finals, it will probably bring victories to the league matches too. In the meantime I will work hard too for what I do.”

Match review

  • Complete defeat with multiple score loss by Kawasaki Frontale’s aggressive soccer, however, Cerezo will refresh the mind and prepare for the semi-finals of Levain Cup.

    It was a square battle to start with. And as it was expected prior to the game, Kawasaki Frontale mainly possessed ball. Cerezo could not stop Kawasaki F’s player who cut into a gap of Cerezo’s defence block, and blundered into difficult situation by Kawasaki F’s pass works, however managed not to get scored for a while. On the offence side, at 9th minute, Kenyu Sugimoto’s header to Hotaru Yamaguchi’s cross threatened Kawasaki F’s goal, and at 16th minute Yoichiro Kakitani, Daichi Akiyama and Yusuke Tanaka exchanged passes at left side and then Sugimoto made to get through by dribbling. He kicked a good cross and made Kawasaki F’s goalkeeper Jung SungRyong flurried.

    It’s been thrilling battle from the beginning by both teams, they were both trying to score, but at 19th minute, Cerezo allowed the opponent’s opening goal from a corner-kick. It started Akihiro Ienaga’s pass to Kengo Nakamura, Nakamura made a shoot that hit a Cerezo’s defender and the ball changed the course. Though Kim JinHyeon made a miracle reaction and saved this, lost a goal after this from the corner-kick. Shogo Taniguchi cut into in front of the goal and scored by his header. Though Cerezo was still keeping their calm and carried on playing after this, at 45th minute, gave another goal away. And, it was triggered by a corner-kick again. They made it clear once, but Kawasaki F regained the ball back, and Yu Kobayashi scored to the cross made by Eduardo Neto. It looked like Matej Jonjic was pulled from his uniform by Kobayashi who he was marking in the penalty area, and lost his balance, but there was no whistle. And that made Cerezo’s painful 2nd goal loss.

    Into the 2nd half, Kawasaki F’s domination continued. At 50th minute, Kim JinHyeon saved a shoot by Kobayashi from no angle, but at 52nd minute Nakamura made a move to left side, Tatsuya Yamashita managed to clear a cross made by Shintaro Kurumaya at once, but Elsinho stroke the loose ball, and that made the 3rd goal loss for Cerezo. Then at 58th minute, Kentaro Moritani’s long shot with a drive spin made the 4th. Cerezo lost goals in a row.

    Cerezo was desperate to return a goal back. At the 64th minute, when Souza came onto the pitch substitute to Daichi Akiyama, the power balance of the pitch was changed. Souza started to get the second ball that were taken by the opponent so far, and that led the game’s flow back to Cerezo. At 68th minute, when Kawasaki F’s goalkeeper saved Souza’s powerful middle shot, Kakitani reacted to the rebound and returned one goal back. However, after this Kawasaki F regained and dominated the game again, and Cerezo could not rise their mood for fighting back. Hiroshi Kiyotake was sent to the pitch at 79th minute, and that was his 1st league match appearance since the game against Vegalta Sendai at 16th round, but could not create any chances. Then at 89th minute, Cerezo had counterattack by Kawasaki F when they made a pass error in opponent territory, and that led Elsinho’s deciding clean loop shoot goal. Against Kawasaki F’s dexterous passing, Cerezo provided with pressing defence and blocking defence. However both of those didn’t work well, and the manager Yoon Jung-Hwan reflected after the match, “We couldn’t provide with systematic defence.”