J1 Section 20

Kincho Stadium
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Sugimoto (1', 28'), Souza (26')
Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
  • Suga (83')
3-0 0-1

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    I thought my players displayed a fine performance although I had had concerns about my squad since the defeat against Gamba Osaka. The team had a good preparation and focused on the game to avoid a consecutive loss. I am very pleased to give the result to our fans.

    As with the game, it was good to have an early opening goal in the first half, and the game flow was excellent, which led to an additional goal. In the second half, we should have scored more. We should have been greedier because our performance was so good. In the end, we conceded a goal because of a lack of concentration caused by carelessness. We need to improve this aspect.

    The good thing is no defeats at home so far. The next game is away, on 9th August against Shimizu. Away games are always hard. We will need a good preparation to get a good result.

Players comment

  • ■Kenyu Sugimoto

    Before the game, the team and I had decided that when we get a chance, we will score a goal. Ricardo Santos was highly motivated today by being picked as a starting member as it has been a long wait for him. Before the game, he and I were speaking that we should press forward from the kick-off. However, I didn't expect to score a goal so quickly. Thanks to Santos’ long time in possession, I got a chance to pick it up for a shot. So, I think that the goal was created by the team effort, not only me.

    Q: In terms of goal ranking, you are one of top scorers along with Shinzo Koroki in Urawa, aren’t you?
    A: being able to see the ranking at numerous places, I can’t deny I am not aware of it. However, I believe that all goals were made by the team. So, I am really grateful for my teammates. We won the game, so I hope we are stepping forward, keeping good form. I would like to put the team first because winning is more important than how many goals I score. If Cerezo wins, my goals will increase.
    I feel really good when my goal contributes to a victory.

    Q2: How about header that brought the second goal?
    A: Having missed a header against Gamba, I was desperate to hit the net today. As I expected, a cross would give me a chance for a goal, it was joyful when I made it.


    Q: It was a nice goal, wasn’t it?
    A: Thank you very much. I am very glad.

    Q: Did the goal hit your target?
    A: Yes, it did excellently. Good training paid off. I am happy that my goal brought a win for Cerezo.

    Q: I think that Cerezo played offensively from the kick-off.
    A: I expected that the game would be tough. Especially, I regretted the loss of the last game. That’s why I pressed forward. From the opening, Santos and especially Kenyu played well which led us to score a goal. Thereafter we were able to relax.

    Q: Ricardo Santos set up the goal, didn’t he?
    A: Santos has been in a good form this week. His free kick from Gamba’s foul play, gave me a chance to score a goal. I am so happy that my hard working paid off in this way. I am also glad that Santos’ extensive effort led to the win.

    Q: You competed with Sugimoto. Did you want to score the second goal Sugimoto fired in?
    A: He has been in brilliant form. His shot hit the back of the net, blasting off the centre-back. It was a fantastic goal. He should hit the net, not me, because he’s a forward. I was just there then. Anyway I am extremely happy.