YBC Levain Cup Play-Off Stage 2nd Leg

2017.7.26 (Wed) 19:00

Kincho Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Fukumitsu (26')
Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
1-0 0-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    I would like to pay great credit to our fans who came to the stadium despite of it being a weekday. Today’s game was played after a 2-0 win at the first leg. So I thought it might be a relaxed game. However, my team was able to focus on the game and played really hard. I would like to say to them “congratulations and well done.”

    They had many areas to improve upon. It was clearly visible that they were trying to make amends and covered those. The key to our success is making the most of chances, no matter how big or small. Fortunately we were able to win and are going to the knock-out stage. I am very pleased with that. As playing for the league and the cup, my players have to be in good form.
    At the moment, I don’t know which team will be the first opponent. But we would like to prepare perfectly, and I would like the young players to experience more games.

Players comment

  • ■Takaki Fukumistu

    It was good to score a goal, which also raised my profile. I would like to keep doing good things, and improve my performance as much as possible.

    Q: What do you think about the fact that you got the winner in the last consecutive two games?
    A: To be honest, I am very happy with the results. Especially, we got a win with a clean sheet. Not conceding any goals is more important.

    Q: Before striking the post, did you run with a prediction that the ball would have come to you even though Ricardo Santos was in front of you?
    A: Well, I kept running, only expecting that the ball is coming to the front. As his assist was so good, I was able to score a goal.

Match review

  • Powerful young striker, Fukumistu scores in two consecutive games.
    After waiting three years, 3-0 winners, Cerezo Osaka have qualified for the best 8!

    Cerezo were desperate to win this game. After the game, Daichi Akiyama commented that we decided to play the game without thinking about the result of the first leg. From the opening, Cerezo played offensive. On the 6th minute, a forward pass from Yusuke Tanaka to Onozawa, he then crossed from the left, finding Santos whose left shot went over the bar. On the 13th minute, Onozawa created the chance with his cross from the left after he picked up the ball threaded by Nishimoto.
    In this way, these rookies greatly contributed to energizing the old players.

    On the 26th minute, Cerezo scored the opening goal. Onozawa’s assist brought the opener. Onozawa passed the ball to the right, Noriyuki Sakamoto touched it to Akiyama arriving on the right of the penalty area, and his fine cross sent it behind Ricardo Santos. Takaki Fukumistu jumped for the ball from the far side, and he met it with his header that sent it into the back of the net. Fukumistu’s fantastic play, also seen in the first leg, contributed to extend their lead.
    Later on, Cerezo had continuously pressed forward. Sekiguchi took a corner only for Nishimoto to blast over the bar with a volley. It was threatening.
    Goalkeeper Kenta Tanno, Teruyuki Moniwa and Yasuki Kimoto had defended paitiently. Eventually, Cerezo finished with a clean sheet in the first half.

    After the break, Chanathip was bought on, who joined in Osaka this summer. The opponents had a go at Cerezo, making goal the Midfielder who is dubbed as “ Thailand’s Messi ”, and a skillful player, Shinji Ono at the center stage. Amongst the onslaught, Yoon calmly gave right directions to his lads. On the 57th minute, Kota Fujimoto was brought on. Yoon’s tactics, “Scoring on the counter attack” was on the way. On the 64th minute, Ryuji Sakami was picked in order to boost the front line, on the 78th minute, Seko, 17 years old, was brought on. Such strong defenders closed them down despite the taller opponents continuing to threaten them.

    Akiyama and Kimoto blocked even Chanathip attempts. Ricardo Santos and Fukumistu sometimes played the role of defenders not allowing them to score. Cerezo had enormous commitment for keeping a clean sheet.
    Finally Cerezo had a 1-0 away win. This victory took them to the quarter final, which they had awaited for three years.