J1 Section 17

2017.7.2 (Sun) 19:00

Kincho Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Sugimoto (57'), Matsuda (63'), Souza (83')
  • Peter Utaka (21')
0-1 3-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    Soccer is a 90 minutes game, however I feel like we played well for only 45 minutes today. In the 1st half, we couldn’t play as we wanted or planed. But the players had the eagerness and reset their mind to play well before entering the 2nd half, and they did express what they wanted to do in that half. They expressed their will to play well and their burning desire to win. We had so many supporters cheering for us today again, they created a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium, and that gave our players great strength. Honestly, I am feeling that we are all becoming one and doing well. There will be more games to come, so we’ll have a good rest now, and prepare well for the next match against Kashiwa Reysol.

    Q; It was the 1st league match after Hiroshi Kiyotake was injured, but Kota Mizunuma who was the replacement for Kiyotake played very well. How do you rate him? Also please tell us your feeling of became the number 1 club on J1 leader board after 12 years.
    “As I said earlier, Mizunuma was almost invisible in the 1st half, he wasn’t trying to lead any actions, nor to show himself off but kept running devotedly for the team, and probably that made him played so well. And of course it wasn’t only Mizunuma but all the players played like that. I hope to keep this current mood and flow, and if we can continue it onto coming games it would be fantastic, however there are more games to play and it’s not all over yet at all. I presume, if J1 league still has the 2 stages system, there must be more people who would be very happy… . However, currently the league has 1 stage system not 2 stages, and we still have 17 more games to play. I enjoy spending this one week (as number 1). We became the top on the leader board after 12 years, but we still haven’t got the star on our chest. I want to keep our spirit and make us to be able to get a star to put on our chest. It is definitely not an easy thing, so we should work very hard every single day to achieve it.”

Players comment

  • ■ Kenyu Sugimoto
    “I wanted to score when the team was struggling. Though we lost the opening goal to the opponent I was feeling pretty calm, and it was great I could score a goal and made the team’s spirit high. As players on the pitch, we were feeling fine even after the opponent scored the goal. At the moment, even when losing an opening goal we can accept the situation and be cool, maybe it’s the confidence, so after lost the goal we talked calmly, led by Yoichiro (Kakitani), ‘Stay cool and keep playing! We will score without doubt. But we shouldn’t lose any more goals’. We were struggling a bit in the 1st half, but we sussed out the opponent’s weakness at their middle part towards back, and targeted that point, so from the right beginning of 2nd half we started playing well, and our aim to score a goal came real. However we had more chances we should have scored but we didn’t, so I am not satisfied at all. The 1st half of the league matches were over now, and one of my aims for the 2nd half is to score more in the coming half than I did in 1st half. As you can see, our team is getting stronger but especially at the moment like this, we should be humble, and there are a lot of things we must do by putting our feet firm down on the earth.”

    ■ Kim JinHyeon
    “(When the opening goal was scored) I made a little careless mistake, because our defenders possess ability to block at front, I was a bit too relied on it. The opponent was aiming for counterattack and I mismanaged the risk, that caused losing a goal, and also I had another threat in the 2nd half too. That made me feel I should manage risks better. However the team was attacking hard even before end of the 1st half, so I wasn’t feeling too negative, and from the beginning of 2nd half everyone had reset ourselves, be patient and play firmly, and the most important thing was to score a goal, so having one goal without panicking led to the 2nd and the 3rd goal.”