J1 Section 10

Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Stadium
Kashiwa Reysol
  • Cristiano (57')
Cerezo OSAKA
0-0 1-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “Though it is during the consecutive holidays, we had so many people come over to the stadium, and had a really interesting game. It was the game both teams fought very positively. However we were defeated at the end so we must be lacking something. Against Kashiwa’s very high quality defence, our offence team struggled. Even in that situation we made some good scenes but couldn’t make it connected to shooting. We must improve things that we should improve. The most important thing at the moment is recovering quickly in this hot weather. And want to start to prepare well for the next game.”

Players comment

  • ■ Yoichiro Kakitani
    “The result is everything, so every single games, and every single winning point is very important for us. But we should be confidence about we have chances in every games we play. The goal like today happens when we are playing several games, and even if that didn’t happen we must have scored to win. We have the next game very soon again, so I’ll work hard.”

    Q: You must of known that Kashiwa would put the pressure right from the front. And in the 1st half you were dodging well and had chances to step in, but could not reach to scoring the opening goal… Do you think this was the reason of the defeat?
    “Yes, that was it. I wish we scored at those early chances. I feel like that was the game that you lose. They gained the margin (by earned a goal first), and that made the game’s fate, I am feeling so now by thinking back. At that situation, we should of rose the defence line up and stepped forward, but instead we stepped backwards and made spaces in the middle part. I want to study it by watching video, and make improvement for the next games.”

Match review

  • The league matches in April, Cerezo Osaka had 5 games, 3 victories and 2 draws, without defeat. The 1st half of the game in hot Golden Week’s air, both teams fought hard as crushing each other at some points, but it was dominated mainly by Cerezo. However, as Kazuya Yamamura commended after the game, “We had issues for execution, like the last passes and the touches towards the goal. I wish we could make good combination play 1 or 2 steps before goal shoot”, they missed pass and cross timings at attacking side, and couldn’t deliver shooting chances.

    However Cerezo kept their firm defence as the least goal points loser in the league. They didn’t allow Kashiwa’s main guys, Cristiano da Silva and Junya Ito to work freely, and there was no shoot by Kashiwa on target in 1st half.

    It was firm play in the 1st half by both teams who are in the similar circumstances as none defeat with little losing points, however the game moved unexpected way in the 2nd half. At 57th minute, Yusuke Maruhashi’s clear by his right foot in front of his team’s own goal hit Cristiano and the ball bounced back into the goal. “It was open situation but I kicked the ball and it hit the opponent player, and bounced back into the goal, I’m so gutted. It could of been avoided if I played and judged calmer.” as Maruhashi retraced by himself, if he kicked the ball outside, if he communicated with the goalkeeper Kim Jin-hyeon…, that was the regrettable moment.

    Cerezo tried hard with the counterattack to regain the team mate’s mistake, but contrary to their hope, maybe they tried too hard, they showed some unsynchronized passes. At 72nd minute, the manager Yoon Jung-Hwan made double substitutions. Sent Kunimitsu Sekiguchi into right side, and moved Kiyotake to below top. At 81st minute, Kenyu Sugimoto made a cross and Kakitani attacked Kashiwa’s goal by bicycle-shoot, but narrowly missed the target. At 82nd minute, Yusuke Tanaka was sent onto the pitch substitute to Riku Matsuda. They changed the formation to 3 back system, and added more players to attack. At near the end of the game, Kiyotake struck the ball dropped by Sugimoto, the ball hit a defence and changed the direction into the goal, however Kashiwa’s Nakamura showed incredible reaction and denied the Cerezo’s chance to draw.

    Substitutions, changing positions, and formation system change, Yoon Jung-Hwan kept his strong attitude and tried to get the goal to draw, however the one goal lost from a mistake haunted to the end, and Cerezo made a defeat at the match against Urawa Reds at the 2nd round in the league matches.