YBC Levain Cup Section 1

2017.3.15 (Wed) 19:00

Kincho Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Kimoto (31'), Ricardo Santos (56')
Yokohama F・Marinos
1-0 1-0

Team Manager comment

  • 【full time】
    “Though it was a Cup tournament win, I want to say ‘Congratulations on your 1st victory of the season’ to my players. I put many of those players who haven’t played in recent games, but they were so enthusiastic and showed us a lot of potential in this one game. We didn’t have any wins until today, but today’s victory will lead us to next games with a positive mood. Also, it gave me an opportunity to identify many players’ abilities. I hope we will have more able-players who are good enough to play in top games. We will have the next game after 2 days off, so I want to start the preparation intensively from tomorrow. We still haven’t managed to have a win in the league, and I want to have the 3 winning points in the league. The next game is against Sagan Tosu* (*Yoon’s previous team), so my desire to win is even stronger.”

    Q : You have started as a manager of Cerezo Osaka from this season, and without any wins after 3 games, it must be quite nerve-racking to have such a big member change in today’s game. Then how do you feel about the 1st victory?
    “It isn’t true if I say I didn’t have any worries to make the changes, but I really believed in the players who played in this game, and I knew they would fight until the end. And as a result we obtained the valuable victory. In any sports, having a victory makes us so happy. We didn’t allow the opponent to do anything they wanted to do and we played so well, I just cannot hide my happiness. The players taught me again that we must attend the games with such a high spirit and keep growing, and by growing we can grab a victory.”

Players comment

  • ■ Ricardo Santos

    “I had a plan for my after goal performance. We’ve had a new life in our family and I’ll be becoming dad again, so I wanted express it to everyone! I told my wife ‘when I score a goal, I’ll put the ball under my shirt over my stomach’. And I’m glad I could keep my promise. Anyway, we all worked so hard in this game, and there were many positive aspects, but the greatest thing was that we could have a victory. In the game, the opponent was passing the ball well but couldn’t create many chances, and when we pressurized them we all worked together. I’m only thinking all good things about today. Not only the victory, but there were so many positive things in this game. This victory should continue to the next game, and we must start thinking about the match right now. There’s training starting tomorrow, so I want to reset myself and start preparing for the next game.”